Introducing Greenwood

Greenwood International is a thriving, family-owned landscaping and tree service company. It was founded in Bellevue in 1991 by Jerzy L. Radka, a Certified Arborist with an advanced degree in horticulture and environmental protection. Born and raised in Poland, Jerzy spent years managing his family’s landscape company in western and central Europe, where, since 1983, it has specialized in restoring and preserving public gardens and historic sites, including the grounds of the Memorial Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi Germany concentration camp. Today, he brings that landscaping heritage to every project for Seattle-area customers.

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Our Philosophy

At Greenwood International, every landscape projects must meet four standards of excellence. It must be (1) fully functional, (2) durably beautiful. Furthermore, it must (3) delight the owner, and (4) provide pleasure to those who create it. Meeting these goals requires sensitivity, talent, knowledge, diligence, top quality materials and workmanship. It also requires - love of nature and beauty, love of this line of work and love of people. We don’t strive to be the biggest landscape company – we are content to be the best!

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  • “I am writing to thank you for your volunteer support in cleaning up after the storm damage at the Arboretum last year. Your professional service was very valuable in our efforts to restore the plantings."

    UW Washington Park Arboretum

  • ““Here are some of the long promised snap shots of your wonderful work. The gardening plan you designed for us has been a never-ending source of pleasure and delight since last summer.””

    Anne & Paul D.
    Medina WA

Meet the team



Jerzy Radka

Jerzy Radka was born and raised in Poland. As a youngster, he labored amongst his family’s kiln, making bricks for their landscape business. He later managed the family company’s operations in western and central Europe, where it specializes in restoring and preserving public gardens and historic sites. A true entrepreneur, Jerzy has been self-employed since the age of 16. 



Ewa Stefanska-Radka

A knowledgeable horticulturist in her own right, Ewa Radka graduated from a Krakow university with a degree in mathematics and accounting. Married to Jerzy in 1983, she played a key role in launching Greenwood International, and she continues to manage much of the business operations, ensuring that the company meets the highest standards of professionalism and corporate responsibility.



John Cleveland

Knowledgable people person with over 10 years experience in web development, digital marketing and customer support building and maintaining relationships, resolving issues and keeping customers happy.  Has great experience in the landscape industry as well including drainage systems, hardscaping, decks, outdoor lighting, outdoor living, privacy structures and more.