Water Features Gallery


Waterscaping may be thought of simply as landscaping with water, but it requires creativity to seamlessly integrate water features into an organic garden design.

Greenwood International has distinguished itself with the quality and impact of the ponds, pools and waterfalls we have designed and built for discerning Eastside clients.

A well-placed surface-water feature can add a uniquely rewarding accent or focal point – and sound – to almost any landscape. And thanks to rapidly evolving technology, such a feature can (and should) be all but maintenance free.

As with our other pursuits, we begin by meticulously studying the site, listening to the land as intently as we listen to its owner. This often proves to be an almost on-going process, as our installation crews notice and recommend opportunities for last-minute refinements.

Because waterscaping almost always involves heavy and extensive manual work – free-form excavating and manipulating paving stones, liner fabric and large, hand-selected rocks -- computers haven’t much to contribute. Instead, the premium is on imagination, resourcefulness, boldness and vivid visualization.

Consider the nearly endless possibilities displayed in some of our recent waterscapes:

  • A captive cascade that aesthetically deals with a steep slope near the house, as occurred on an estate in Bellevue
  • A small, cedar log waterfall that empties into a handsome swimming pool, built for a prestige home in Woodinville
  • A waterfall combined with a small pond, the highlight of a relaxing vista enjoyed from the patio of large home on Union Hill
  • A simple spouting fountain set in one of several small clusters of naturalistic rock, the delightful surprise of an alpine gardenscape in Redmond
  • An ornamental pool that transformed a troublesome low spot into a strong feature, enhancing a Bellevue property
  • A naturalistic bog garden, chosen by an artistic Bridle Trails client

Greenwood has mastered the fine art of concealment and deception that are necessary in waterscaping. Pipe work, pumps, liners, filters, bubblers, timers and various electrical devices must be accessible but unobtrusive. We avoid chemicals, relying instead on biofilters and water-purifying plants to assure that the water remains healthful for fish and other life. We also consider the effects of sunlight, shade, decaying leaves, freezing and animals in designing a naturalistic water feature.

In waterscaping, as in many other aspects of life, what you don’t know can hurt you. We at Greenwood make it our business to know. That way, our imaginations – and yours – can safely soar.