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Introducing Greenwood

Greenwood International is a thriving, family-owned landscaping and tree service company. It was founded in Bellevue in 1991 by Jerzy L. Radka, a Certified Arborist with an advanced degree in horticulture and environmental protection.


Our Philosophy

At Greenwood International, every landscape projects must meet four standards of excellence. It must be (1) fully functional, (2) durably beautiful. Furthermore, it must (3) delight the owner, and (4) provide pleasure to those who create it.


Client Testimonials

All of the following quotes are from referral letters from our clients. If you would like to to speak to one of these clients, their phone numbers are also available upon request.


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Consulting and Design

A two-hour consultation may be all that is needed to resolve your garden problems. Jerzy will come to discuss your requirements and suggest solutions. In addition, a report may be prepared or the consultation extended by agreement.


Pressure treated wood decks, cedar decks, redwood decks, vinyl decks, you name it Greenwood International has excelled in building it.

Drainage and Irrigation

Water management, a particular specialty of Greenwood International, is a hingepin element of special problem in the Puget Sound area, with its dramatic seasonal fluctuations in rainfall.Wet winters followed by dry summers.


Organic Garden Calendar

In the course of designing gardens for clients, Greenwood International calls upon extensive knowledge of thousands of years of garden history and development, plus decades of direct experience maintaining historic sites in Europe.


Greenwood International recognizes that, collectively, paths and patios are pavement with a purpose. That purpose may be to guide and comfortably expedite outdoor movement, even in poor light or during the extended wet periods we experience locally in the Pacific Northwest.


Greenwood International has two NILLA-certified landscape lighting professionals and both recognize that landscape lighting is a demanding art form. Greenwood International’s two NILLA-certified landscape lighting professionals use lighting to achieve breathtaking aesthetic results. 


Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces complete the comfortable environment for your home ins style. It’s common for people to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. 

Privacy Structures

Privacy Structures not only give you a peace and quite place to relax at home, they also add value to your home and look great. Greenwood International has meticulous craftsmen.

Sports Surfaces

Greenwood International Excels at designing and installing indoor and outdoor sports structures for both residential and commerical clientele that are extremely beneficial for families.


Synthetic Turf

A two-hour consultation may be all that is needed to resolve your garden problems. Jerzy will come to discuss your requirements and suggest solutions. In addition, a report may be prepared or the consultation extended by agreement.

Tree Service

We bring an artist’s eye, decades of direct experience and graduate education in horticulture to the challenge of tree care. This experience includes urban forestry and preserving ancient, historic trees.

Water Features

Waterscaping is simply landscaping with water and Greenwood International has distinguished iteself with the quality and impact of ponds, pools and waterfalls it has designed and created for discerning Eastside clients.

Need Help with Landscaping?

We'd like to know what your landscape needs are and offer design, planning, execution and satisfaction to complete your new landscape look.

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    Greenwood International invites clients and prospects to visit our modest and tranquil office just off 148th Avenue NE in Redmond, a few blocks north of Microsoft. 

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    Designers at Heart

    Our team has a background in landscape design, engineering, arboriculture and business management. We take your ideas and make them realities no matter the complexity or simplicity of the project.

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    Quality Driven

    Quality is gauged by how a product compares to others of the same. As we aspire on a daily basis to use only the best methods and materials in the industry. We come from a line of true European craftsman.

    Our Quality Shows

    Quality over everything!

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    From masons to designers we cover the board with extensive knowledge and experience in the field, as well as in the classroom. Continuing education is part of our intensive regime.

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