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Greenwood International recognizes that collectively, paths and patios are pavement with a purpose.

Greenwood International recognizes that paths and patios are “pavement with a purpose.” For paths, that purpose may be to guide and comfortably encourage outdoor movement, even in poor light or during the extended wet periods we experience locally. Patios, on the other hand, often function as an expansive outdoor room, encouraging and enhancing open air relaxation or entertainment. Either way, paths and patios, including any related outdoor ramps and stairs, are typically the most intensively used features of the entire landscape.

Greenwood craftsmen have experience with all popular materials for paths and patios:

  • Brick, cobblestones, tiles, flagstones and interlocking pavers
  • Concrete, gravel and exposed aggregate
  • Landscape ties, log slices and wood chips


Regardless of intended use, any hardscapes surface should have a non-skid and non-glaring finish and feature quick, reliable drainage. It should also offer easy maintenance, especially cleaning and stain removal. The color, patterns and texture can either echo or contrast with surrounding structures and plantings, but in any case, the overall effect should be pleasingly harmonious.

Other considerations include accommodating outdoor furniture, allowing for impromptu dancing or exercising, and withstanding the vigorous, care-free use of children’s toys. While mortar-free brickwork or individual pavers can provide wonderful versatility and interest, they may, over time, develop low spots or trip hazards as they are undermined by weather or garden rodents. They are also notoriously vulnerable to invasion by weeds and mosses. For these reasons, mortar-set surfaces often provide the best long-term value.

In most circumstances, of course, cost – of the material, its installation and its subsequent upkeep – is an important consideration. Greenwood International excels at blending these practical factors with a sensitive aesthetic concern for the visual contribution of paths, patios and related landscape features to the utility and value of the client’s property.

Almost all of Greenwood International’s distinguished landscapes incorporate – and  commonly feature – imaginative rock work, installed with meticulous care by European- trained artisans. Our crews have extensive experience with everything from massive granite boulders to pea gravel and are completely at home working with split basalt, slate, river rock, tile, flagstones, brick and, of course, concrete.

Carefully executed rock work brings a sense of rugged permanence to a landscape. The subtle, enduring beauty of the material provides a satisfying contrast to the transient boldness of nearby flowers. Similarly, the dense, virtually unmovable character of large rocks and boulders can strongly accent and emphasize the motion and clarity of adjacent water. Handsomeness and contrast aside, sound rock work is highly functional in such traditional roles as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Fixed planters
  • Slope stabilization
  • Stairs
  • Demarcation of driveways, features, property lines and so on
  • Pleasantly concealing electrical or plumbing components.


Completed rock work and masonry projects include the paths, walkways and patios discussed previously, along with the dramatic waterfalls and the swimming, garden and fish pools discussed below, under “Water Features.”  In addition, we have created stark and contemplative Zen gardens, dry stream beds, boulder outcroppings, stone walls and geometric and serpentine brick walls, as well as grottos and single-stone foot bridges.

All Greenwood hardscaping  projects are characterized by artistry, harmony, safety and an overall sense of quiet permanence.

Retaining Walls

Imaginative rock work, installed with meticulous care

Your backyard or outdoor area should feel like a personal place of relaxation and enjoyment, with all the space well utilized. We pride ourselves on designing walls and other retaining structures that are functional and artfully created to bring joy and beauty to your outdoor living.

Our experts are European-trained artisans, known for their meticulous care, whether working with massive granite boulders or fine artistic block. We are comfortable and proficient with split basalt, slate, brick, interlocking concrete pavers, cultured stone veneers and, of course, structural concrete and more.

Whether your project involves new landscape construction or service of an older structure, you can rely on our team to artfully and professionally make your landscape a place of beauty and relaxation.

In the sloping and wet landscape of western Washington, retaining walls must be carefully designed. We build walls with granular attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the soil conditions with regard to drainage patterns. Whether straight, curved or terraced on multiple levels, a retaining wall must fit the contours of your yard and serve its primary purpose: to hold back the land by resisting power forces.

Our attention to detail ensures the design and installation of retaining walls that address any structural needs and enjoy a long, trouble-free lifespan. Years of expertise and quality results make Greenwood International the best team for any retaining wall service. Let us do the hard work and you enjoy the results!


Specializing in stamped concrete, brick and exposed aggregate driveways.

As the primary entrance to your property, your driveway is one of the first things guests see. It creates a strong and lasting first impression, making a clear statement about your home. But a beautiful and gracious driveway does much more than improve the look of your home. It adds substantial value and undeniable character. Moreover, a properly designed and installed driveway ensures good drainage and controls runoff,  protecting against serious maintenance issues for both yours and your neighbor’s home.

With so many materials and styles to choose from, our professional staff will help you create a driveway that expresses your personal taste and enhances your property.

Perhaps you’re picturing the understated beauty of artfully designed, detailed brush-finished concrete. Economically combining beauty with function, these durable and strong driveways provide spacious and clean parking areas. What’s more, they can serve as play areas for the family and courts of all kinds for sports.

Exposed aggregate is another Seattle-area favorite. Warm in tone and perfectly suited to our lifestyle, this practical and beautiful natural finish complements both traditional and contemporary settings. The soft organic look blends especially well with our Northwest landscape.

With a stamped concrete driveway, our expert professionals will create the opulent appearance of stone or brick. Being completely made from concrete, it provides unlimited design potential with strength, durability and functionality. A stamped concrete driveway can express your creative vision in a personal and unique way.

The subtle, warm colors and rich, satisfying textures of a paver or brick driveway brings timeless beauty and a touch of old-world craftsmanship to your home. With the unique design and style of an all-brick driveway, you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind product! If you already have a brick or paver driveway and just need repairs – we can do that, too. Our experienced masons not only specialize in installations but also in renovation of brick, pavers and many other driveway materials.

Concrete Work

Our craftsmen excel in stamped, engraved, and stained concrete floors.

Concrete has long been trusted as a reliable and durable building material. In fact, concrete ranks as the most abundantly used construction material in the world. We are a fully licensed and insured Washington State general contractor, extensively experienced in simple and complex concrete construction of all kinds, including, but not limited to, foundations, walls, footings, stairs, structural slabs and concrete flat work. Whether you are looking to build something new or simply add to an existing structure, we will get the job done on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards in the industry.

We take the worry and uncertainty out of your concrete construction project! Tired of looking at that faded, worn, cracked patio and hazardous walkway? Or maybe you’re stuck maintaining that old wooden deck year after year? Replace those tripping hazards and eyesores by letting our experienced craftsmen transform them into beautiful, easy to maintain areas of durable decorative concrete. With our special finishes, nonslip sealers and low maintenance products, our concrete creations are ideally suited for the damp weather of the Pacific Northwest.

A stamped concrete patio or walkway in your front or backyard enhances the value and appeal of your home enormously. And thanks to new customization processes and techniques, we can turn concrete into polished floors, stained patios, stamped driveways and even smooth counter tops. Many people are turning to concrete both outside and inside their homes for its unique style and expressive artistic range. Ask about our unique concrete water features, too.