Greenwood Services

At Greenwood International, we utilize our many years of landscaping experience when creating a landscape for your property. You may want to create a quiet space for entertaining, or a private garden for contemplation. Or perhaps you’re seeking the feel of a wooded glen or a tranquil brook. Whatever your landscaping goals, we will use our creativity, vision, education and years of experience to build a landscape that will provide years of enjoyment. We will analyze the layout of your property and come up with ideas that can solve such issues as poor drainage and sloped areas. We will choose plants and trees that will thrive and enhance your property for years to come and provide privacy as needed.

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  • Consulting and Design

  • Landscape Design

A two-hour consultation may be all you need to resolve your garden problems. Jerzy will discuss your requirements and suggest solutions, which may be organized into a written report. If desired, the consultation can be extended by agreement.

  • Decks 1

  • Wooden Deck

A visually pleasurable and structurally sound deck brings a new inviting atmosphere to your home. Greenwood International has specialized in deck design and installation since 1983 – just one of many home improvement specialties.

  • Irrigation

  • Drainage

Water management, a specialty of Greenwood International, is the linchpin of any successful landscape. Plants perish as surely from too much water as from too little. With our seasonal rain patters, water management poses unique problems in the Puget Sound area – problems that we have solved time and again.

  • Hardscaping 1

  • Hardscaping 2

Greenwood International recognizes that paths and patios are pavement with a purpose. That purpose may be to guide and comfortably encourage outdoor movement, even in poor light or during the extended wet periods we experience locally.

  • Lighting 1

  • Lighting 2

Greenwood International boasts two NILLA-certified landscape lighting professionals who treat landscape lighting as a demanding art form. They use lighting to achieve both functional and aesthetic goals, subtly yet practically weaving illumination into a pleasing and useful landscape feature. They know that paved areas do not have to look like airport runways

  • Gardens 1

  • Gardens 2

Experience matters, especially in designing gardens. Our experts at Greenwood International not only have years of professional gardening experience, they also use their extensive knowledge of thousands of years of garden history and development, plus decades of direct experience in maintaining historic sites of Europe.

  • Outdoor Living 1

  • Outdoor Living 2

Most people want to spend as much time outdoors as possible and Greenwood International helps out Puget Sound customers do just that. We design and build outdoor living spaces customized to our client’s needs and desires.

  • Privacy Structure 1

  • Privacy Structure 2

Greenwood International craftsmen have vast experience in creating garden structures that add interest, support climbing plants, provide accents and even shelter and serve as welcoming resting places.

  • Sports Surfaces 1

  • Sports Surface 2

Actively participating in sports has many benefits no matter what your age, and Greenwood International can help you up and moving. We design and build a wide variety of sports structures from basketball courts to jogging trails and everything in between.

  • Synthetic Turf 1

  • Synthetic Turf 2

Putting greens created by Greenwood International designers and installed by our craftsmen bring not only an added value to your property but also plenty of fun for you, your family and friends. In the casual environment of your home, you can hone your putting and chipping skills or entertain your business associates.

  • Tree Service 1

  • Tree Service 2

We bring an artist’s eye, decades of direct experience and graduate education in horticulture to the challenge of tree care. This experience includes urban forestry and preserving ancient, historic trees in parks and on both national heritage sites and private estates. 

  • Water Features 1

  • Water Features 2

Waterscaping may be thought of simply as landscaping with water, but it requires creativity to seamlessly integrate water features into an organic garden design. Greenwood International has distinguished itself with the quality and impact of the ponds, pools and waterfalls we have designed and built for discerning Eastside clients.