Sports Surfaces Gallery


Greenwood International excels at designing and installing indoor and outdoor sports structures for both residential and commercial clients.

Personal indoor and outdoor sports structures are extremely beneficial for families. We value the long-term positive effects that our sports structures have in our clients’ lives. As we say, “A healthy life is a happy life.”

Actively participating in sports offers many benefits no matter your age. For adults, regular participation in sports not only can help maintain a healthy body, it can also relieve stress, allowing the mind to heal and enhancing teamwork and leadership qualities. These benefits allow people to grow and expand their overall wellbeing.

For young people, the benefits of sports include increased cardiovascular fitness; reduced risk of obesity; healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons; improved coordination and balance and many more. As parents, we all want our children to be healthy and happy, and well-designed sports structures can help make those wishes come true.

Sports structures range from basketball courts to jogging trails and everything in between. Greenwood International has designed and built outdoor half-court basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor soccer fields, putting greens, park jogging trails and many more sports structures. We use the highest quality materials, to ensure a long-term, durable sports structure.

Building sports structures takes a high level of creativity and precision. You need to know the size of the area as well as surrounding challenges, such as slopes, embankments, property lines and enclosures.

We carefully evaluate and accommodate all these factors in designing and building a structure that meets the client’s needs and will last for years and years.  Whether it’s an outdoor pickleball court or a jogging trail, we evaluate and plan with precision to deliver the best possible result.