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Tree Service

Complete, responsible tree services constitute a particular strength of Greenwood International.

We bring an artist’s eye, decades of direct experience and graduate education in horticulture to the challenge of tree care. This experience includes urban forestry and preserving ancient, historic trees in parks and on both national heritage sites and private estates. Examples include maintaining historic trees on the famous Villa Familia recreation site in Rome, on the infamous Auschwitz camp memorial in Poland, and storm repair of majestic, specimen trees at the UW Arboretum.

Greenwood’s tree services include:

  • Corrective pruning
  • Fine (esthetic) pruning
  • Wind protective and safety pruning
  • View exposure, framing and enhancement
  • Damage repair, cabling and bracing
  • Tight-quarter removal
  • Deep fertilization and vertical mulching
  • Stump grinding

    Safety--of the trees, their surroundings, and of the arborists themselves--is an over-riding concern at Greenwood International. This concern is reflected in our never having had an injury or an accident among our tree craftsman since the founding of the firm in 1991. This is despite a proud tradition of dealing with particularly hazardous trees, sites and situations. Examples include removing large, dead trees located in densely settled neighborhoods, and even on steep cliffs plagued by mud slides in Normandy Park on Puget Sound and along Lake Washington in Medina and on Mercer Island.

    Greenwood’s skilled, seasoned and well-equipped tree technicians undergo virtually constant training, guidance and supervision by an ISA-Certified Arborist. In every task, they implement or comply with the very demanding pruning, removal and safety standards of ANSI Z133.1-1994, as developed and issued by the American National Standards Institute in cooperation with the International Society of Arboriculture and the National Arborist Association. Of course, they also comply with relevant OSHA regulations and company safety rules and practices. These are proud, professional craftsmen, not laborers.