At Greenwood International, every landscape projects must meet four standards of excellence. It must be (1) fully functional and (2) durably beautiful. Furthermore, it must (3) delight the owner and (4) provide pleasure to those who created it. Meeting these goals requires sensitivity, talent, knowledge, diligence, top-quality materials and workmanship. It also requires love – love of nature and of beauty, love of this line of work, and love of people. We don't strive to be the biggest landscape company – we are content to be best!

We believe that our artistic partnership with the site owner should outlast the design and installation process; it should continue to grow and mature, like the landscape itself.

We also believe, strongly, in personal responsibility. Each client has only one person to deal with, and that person can take corrective action. We do not use temporary labor--or temporary "partners." Our crews are full time craftsmen, carefully selected and trained to do work of which they, and we, can be proud.