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Official recognition that important species of birds, fish and even predators are endangered or are in serious decline has rallied communities throughout the Puget Sound area to protect and restore our natural wildlife and environment. We at Greenwood International are well qualified—and full intend—to play an important role in this effort. More specifically, we are prepared to undertake, with respect to

Wetlands and Riparian Habitat

  • Monitoring and maintaining wetlands, including invasive plant control,
    necessary irrigation, discouraging excessive browsing by wildlife
    (notably Canada geese, etc.)
  • Handling such restoration and mitigation tasks as creating habitat-
    enhancement features (fish sheltering boulders and logs, water cooling
    stream bank plantings, appropriate vegetation and the like)
  • Generating and/or executing computer aided planting and irrigation
    designs that feature and nurture native plant species
  • Performing skillful tree work, from planting through pruning, creating
    “snags” and removing trees when necessary
  • Assisting with wetland delineation, classification, and functional
  • Facilitating the permit process for small (residential) landscape projects
    that may impinge on wetlands or riparian areas.

Creating Wildlife Gardens

  • Installing native species of wildflowers and other vegetation known to
    attract Northwest songbirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies
  • Establishing nesting boxes and sites for birds, bats and beneficial insects
    such as Orchard Mason bees, etc.
  • Creating small ponds or pools and enhancing cover and concealment

Whether helping Nature heal itself or replacing habitat lost to previous predation, we stand ready to apply extensive, specialized training and expertise to the recovery and enhancement of fresh water wetland habitat as well as other sensitive habitat and the important creatures, major and microscopic, who depend on it.