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Greenwood International’s distinguished landscapes virtually always incorporate (and commonly feature) imaginative rock work, installed with meticulous care by European- trained artisans. Our crews have extensive experience with everything from massive granite boulders to pea gravel, and including split basalt, slate, river rock, tile, flagstones, brick, and of course, concrete.

Carefully executed rock work brings a sense of rugged permanence to a landscape. The subtle, enduring beauty of the material is a satisfying contrast to the transient boldness of nearby flowers. Similarly, the dense, virtually unmovable character of large rocks and boulders can strongly accent and emphasize the motion and clarity of adjacent water. Handsomeness and contrast aside, sound rock work is highly functional in such traditional
roles as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Fixed planters
  • Slope stabilization
  • Stairs
  • Demarcation of driveways, features, property lines and so on
  • Pleasantly concealing electrical or plumbing components.

Completed rock work and masonry projects include the paths, walkways and patios discussed previously, and the dramatic waterfalls, swimming, garden and fish pools (“waterscape” features) presented below. In addition, we have created stark and contemplative Zen gardens, dry stream beds, boulder outcroppings, stone walls, both geometric and serpentine brick walls, plus grottos and single-stone foot bridges.

All Greenwood “hardscaping” projects are characterized by artistry, harmony, safety and an overall sense of quiet permanence.