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Greenwood International recognizes that, collectively, paths and patios are pavement with a purpose. That purpose may be to guide and comfortably expedite outdoor movement, even in poor light or during the extended wet periods we normally experience locally. Or the purpose might be to function as an expansive outdoor room, encouraging and enhancing open air relaxation or entertainment. Either way, paths and patios, including any related outdoor ramps and stairs, are typically the most intensively-used features of the entire landscape.

Greenwood craftsmen have experience with all popular materials for paths and patios:

  • Brick, Cobblestones, Tiles, Flagstones and Interlocking Pavers
  • Concrete, Gravel, and Exposed Aggregate
  • Landscape Ties, Log Slices and Wood Chips

Hard surfacing material needs a few sensible characteristics almost regardless of the main uses to which it will be put. Among these are a non-skid and non-glaring finish, quick, reliable drainage and easy maintenance...especially cleaning and stain removal. The color, patterns and texture can either echo or contrast with those of surrounding structures and plantings, but in any case, the overall effect should be one of handsome harmony.

Other considerations include accommodating outdoor furniture and its likely movement, perhaps impromptu dancing or exercising, and the vigorous, care-free use of children’s toys. Wonderful versatility and interest are possible with mortar-free brickwork or individual pavers, but over time, these may develop low spots or trip hazards as they are undermined by weather or garden rodents. They are also notoriously vulnerable to invasion by weeds and mosses.

In most circumstances, of course, cost -- of the material, its installation and its subsequent upkeep -- is another important consideration.

Greenwood International is accomplished at blending these practical factors with a sensitive aesthetic concern for the visual contribution made by paths, patios and related landscape features to the utility and value of the client’s property.