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Water management, a particular specialty of Greenwood International, is a hingepin element of any successful landscape. Plants perish as surely from too much water as from too little. This is a special problem in the Puget Sound area, with its dramatic seasonal fluctuations in rainfall; notoriously wet winters followed by summers drier than those of Arizona.

Electronically-controlled, largely underground, irrigation systems not only conserve both energy and water, but invisibly automate one of the most onerous groundskeeping chores. We begin with a detailed investigation, noting the contours and characteristics of the site, and of course the owners’ intentions and desires. Then, using such computer programs as AUTOCAD, IRRICALC-PRO and RAINCAD to help us manage the complexities, we design, refine, install and test the optimal system for the particular site. It might include:

  • An arrangement of traditional, permanent or “pop-up” sprinklers
  • Maintenance-free, water-miserly drip irrigation networks
  • “Mini” sprinkler and drip units to serve planters or garden structures
  • Rainfall/moisture sensors that automate system performance


Locally, drainage is often a greater and more urgent need than irrigation. Again, after examining the site and marshaling our in-depth knowledge of hydrology, pertinent regulations, and available products, we proceed to address the problems and realities. Here too, Computer Aided Design is a familiar tool for exploiting our experience. The resulting solution--permanent, automatic and trouble-free--could incorporate:

  • Footing drains or protective swales to conduct water around buildings
  • Pop-up drainage emitters, channel drains, and catch basins
  • Trench and curtain-wall drainage systems for areas large or small
  • Dispersal trenches, drywells and sump pumps for chronic problems
  • Sheet drains and wick drainage networks
  • Filter fabric to prevent clogging drainage gravel or pipes
  • Engineered “capillary breaks” (capillary action can lift water 30’ here!)

Greenwood’s resourcefulness keeps resources where they’re needed...and nowhere else.