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Diligent Greenwood International craftsmen have ample experience in creating garden structures, which add interest, support climbing plants, provide accents and perhaps shelter, and are welcoming resting places. Examples include:

  • Arbors, Pergolas and Trellises
  • Espalier Racks and Privacy Screens
  • Garden Benches and Open or Covered Decks
  • Gazebos, Spa Enclosures and Tea Houses
  • Animal Shelters, Storage Sheds and Tool Sheds
  • Raised Planting Beds

Wood is the most commonly used construction material, but metal, stone, plastic or even recycled materials are employed where appropriate. Fencing, a particular form of garden structure, runs the gamut from symbolic property definition to high-security obstacle or animal enclosure.

Whether as privacy screen, wind break, artificial horizon, light filter, plant backdrop, sun stopper, host to vines or bird rest, a well-executed fence can be a welcome asset. Here again, treated wood is usually the material of choice, but we have the skills and experience to deal with whatever is best for the task at hand: woven wire, glass, plywood, chain link, plastic lattices, “New Zealand” or simply a line of carefully selected plants.

Moreover, we have the skills and equipment to conduct a careful survey prior to any perimeter fence installation. Accordingly, Greenwood International installers can confidently locate a fence directly on the property line (rather than the popular “foot or so” inside the supposed line), heading off the unintended forfeiture of a valuable strip of land through “adverse possession.”