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In the course of designing gardens for clients, Greenwood International calls upon extensive knowledge of thousands of years of garden history and development, plus decades of direct experience maintaining historic sites in Europe.

We hold informal but disciplined discussions with the client, reviewing a host of possible responses to the realities of the particular site and the owners’ desires, dreams and lifestyle. Our objective is to create an outdoor extension of the facility or residence itself; a room (or rooms) without hard dimension or fixed function. Each garden should be a pleasing, nurturing personal environment.

In addition to the familiar flower, rock and kitchen gardens, Greenwood creates:

  • Alpine
  • Container
  • Cottage
  • Herb
  • Japanese
  • Perennial
  • Vegetable
  • Water
  • Wildlife
  • Winter
  • Woodland

and an assortment of other kinds, from bog or moss gardens to memorial gardens.


This enables us to view the garden and it’s setting, and to discuss the client’s needs, budget and the time available for maintenance.

With a sensitive, in-depth appreciation of the client’s expectations in mind we carefully study the target site. At this stage we can become more familiar with the garden and make survey notes, measurements, take pictures, and if necessary take topography measurements. The information gathered will include details of structures, drainage, soil type, prevailing winds, views, features, trees and plants to be retained. It may be possible to survey a small garden at the first meeting, but it usually requires a second visit.

Conceptual Plan
Using AutoCAD, Photoscape, and other software programs to the appropriate extent, we begin to create the garden of the client’s dreams. The conceptual plan will be prepared, to scale, showing the outline shape and positioning of the main features such as driveways, pathways, bed lines, and functional area spaces (i.e., playground, utility space, etc.)

Hardscaping Design
Hard landscaping includes paving, walls, structures, ponds, and so on. This plan will include detailed drawings of these features once the conceptual plan has been agreed upon.

Planting Plan
The planting plan will include all softscape features, such as lawn, planting beds and existing trees and shrubs that will be preserved or transplanted to a new location. The plants are spaced to reflect their growth habits and mature size. As an aid to the client’s visualization, we provide renderings of the garden’s anticipated appearance in selected future years. Many elements will be considered while designing the planting plan: seasonal interest, color, shape, foliage, scent, and edibles.


At Greenwood International, we provide all of the construction and installation services; there is no subcontracting done. The work can be done in phases if required. Touchstone considerations in Greenwood garden designs are low maintenance, water and other resource conservation, cost effectiveness, and durably satisfying performance. We feel strongly that the mature landscape should continue to please over a span of years,without chronic maintenance battles.