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A two-hour consultation may be all that is needed to resolve your garden problems. Jerzy will come to discuss your requirements and suggest solutions. In addition, a report may be prepared or the consultation extended by agreement.

As a lifelong student of horticulture, Jerzy Radka is intimately familiar with the world of plants, both wild and domestic. Across a seemingly endless span of species, he knows what soils, light, moisture and other conditions will cause each plant to thrive, languish or perish. He knows which plants compliment, and which compromise, other species in adjacent spaces, how rapidly each grows and the characteristics of that growth, what size each is likely to be at maturity, what maintenance each requires and what rewards it provides in exchange.

Mr. Radka’s long, international experience enables him to provide sound, knowledgeable advice, not only on effective, sensitive pruning and other maintenance, but on the informed selection of replacement species for a particular site, so as to head off and minimize future problems and complications. He can also suggest effective ways to prevent adverse developments such as the unintended but very commonplace injury to trees and root systems by construction or contouring activities.

Plants, and particularly trees, have undeniable value, quite aside from their esthetic qualities and such “engineering” functions as moderating erosion, traffic noise, glare and pollution. Objectively appraising that value is a demanding, and still evolving, discipline. Often, an appraisal is called for after a timber company has logged a parcel it does not own, or an individual has hired someone to decapitate or fell his neighbor’s trees in order to improve his own view. In such cases, mere opinions, unexplained and unsupported, cannot survive a determined legal challenge. To prevail, one needs to follow a systematic procedure, backed by careful documentation. At least 10 proven methods, including replacement cost, the “trunk formula”, and cost of cure or repair, are available to qualified appraisers such as Mr. Radka. He may use several in the course of developing and defending his report.

In the realm of plants, from majestic to microscopic, knowledge is sovereign. Jerzy Radka--arborist, horticulturist, and licensed Northwest nurseryman--has that knowledge, in abundance, and makes it readily available.